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Jun 12th
Discussion: Welcome to the Jewelbox : General feedback thread here posted in Jewelbox feedback

Hello and welcome to the Jewelbox! SCG's new discussion forum.

This tool was HAND CRAFTED by moi to help promote discussion and bring SCG together, but also to help migrate off of the old steam forums.

The Jewelbox is unique in that it is entirely hand crafted, I control everything it can do and it has a lot of potential for connections and utilization. Some examples of that are currently as follows.

  1. Reporting threads / posts get sent to our discord room rather than staying only on site
  2. Your fucks are imported directly from the TF2 servers, you will be able to use them to get stuff on here.
  3. It can interface with our bot workers giving a better system of notifications, both for admins and users.
  4. I can literally add anything to it or program whatever the hell we may need for it. :3

Right now however as it is new and fresh and all, I want to keep it on the down-low to help weed out any bugs and problems. Once I do that, I'll start making it loud and clear that we have this thing now and people should and use it.

Down the road, I have a ton of features planned, all of which are designed to provide tools that anyone can use to post. In addition to looking for bugs, I'm also looking for feedback as to what features should be added and what you'd all like to see!

So without any delay, we're off! Feel free to introduce yourself in the introduction thread, and start sharing your thoughts and ideas!


EDIT : Bug thread is here :

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