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Discussion started on Thursday, February 6th, 2020 @ 07:47 PM EST by...
iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Late last year, I made a pin on our Discord regarding political talk for the oncoming election; saying we are not looking for election / political talk in the group.

Today I would like to state that we explicitly will not allow election / political talk on the group going forward.

  1. Not everyone in SCG is from America
  2. A public Discord open to anyone is not a great place for massive unorganized discussions
  3. We've already seen people deliberately disregard the earlier post and we do not want to see people get out of control.


Whether a message/conversation is "election / political discussion" and not allowed is at the sole discretion of staff.

I hope everyone understands, there are much better places in the internet better equipped to handle election / political talk, but SCG is not one of them.

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