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Little things is a major SCG update designed around the idea of quality of life fixes. The inspiration came from an idea I had a few months ago while playing on our MVM server. A player had accidentally used their canteen before the round had even started, and I felt so bad for them in particular that I had spent that evening coming up with a plugin that could prevent accidental canteen usage.

When I described it to others, it was praised as a quality of life thing. Normally when I work on things, it's usually some big feature or a bug fix or something. I never really thought about little things, so that was the goal this time around.

There's two parts to this, the SCG website, and our TF2 servers.

Updates to the SCG Website

Starting to support alternative fonts

The Jewelbox is now starting to support alternative fonts! Presently, I have enabled the option to switch your font to the Open Dyslexic font which has been designed to be easier to read for some folk. You can learn more about that here



Team Fortress 2 settings

Let's get this out of the way!

I have introduced a new settings page that allows you to adjust settings for the TF2 servers!

This page works even if you haven't been on the servers yet, as long as you have your Steam ID associated with your profile. If you are a donator, you should also be able to adjust your donator settings here as well!

Personal stats


There is now a page for your personal stats, though right now the only thing that we track is your personal victories in MVM. It is used as a checklist to determine what missions you have and have not yet completed!

Home page


When you log in to the Jewelbox, you are now taken to your home page. It acts as a small portal to some of the features of the website, as well as a list of suggestions to help get you started!



The website also offers new achievements! This is a new feature, and there aren't a lot of them yet. The long term goal is to provide some goals for people to work on while being apart of SCG.

So what's the plan from here?

These features above were designed with the goal of providing more for the community as it is, but also built in a way to scale to any and all future plans. They may not seem super exciting, but at the very least, this is all personal practice for me in my own skills as a designer so...there's that!

Other updates

The following are a list of fixes and otherwise for the SCG site itself.

-The Member directory now has a proper search function
-Assorted graphic changes to the Jewelbox
-You can now @ people in posting pages
-New notifications system, however at the time isn't completely implemented
-Profile activity feed is now up and working
-Auto saving for discussions are now totally implemented!

Team Fortress 2

All talk for spies

All talk has always been a small problem for spies, a spy talking while cloaked still leaves a speech bubble...until now. Thanks to a plugin developed by Fraeven and myself, spies no longer retain their speech bubbles when they cloak and talk.


Typing bubble for all

From the same plugin, we've also implemented a bubble for those who are typing. This bubble first appears after your first chat message, and lingers around for a moment until it leaves on its own or you start to move around. We've also implemented a feature where you can open up chat, press space and enter, and have your bubble appear without having to send the first initial message.


Donator menu rework

The donator menu now allows you to access and adjust everything all at once. You can set your kill effects, toggle your rainbow text, and more all from one menu.

Clientprefs rework

Clientprefs are like cookies for you on the servers. They store things like your kill effect setting, your usage of ghosts in rainbow, so on and so forth. These settings have always been on a per server basis, but now they use one central database you can adjust anywhere. Saving a setting for one server carries it over to every other. You can also adjust some of them using the TF2 settings page listed above!

So what's next?

This was a fun series of projects to work on! But there's always more to do! Aside from the help I get occasionally from Fraeven, this is mostly a solo project! I do a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and because of this, I'm often a little confused or overwhelmed on what I have done, need to do, or have yet to plan out.

My organization is a little questionable, but I am learning more every day! My next few projects won't be so exciting, there's a lot of code cleanup I want to do which isn't the most fun thing to talk about. But the next bigger project will be work on our Saxton Hale server, so stay tuned!

If you'd like to help support me and SCG, please consider checking out our contributions page! and feel free to help report any problems, bugs and suggestions here or anywhere else! Oh, and the full patchnotes for the TF2 update are here below!

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Team Fortress 2NewsUpdate Major

  • Team Fortress 2 Icon
    Update for Team Fortress 2
  • Store weapons can now be disabled on a per map / gamemode basis
    To prevent weapon conflicts in things like Prophunt, Dodgeball, MvM, etc.

    Added the good boys as bot spawns
    Voting for bots to join small games on chocolate will now bring in two special bots ... the good boys!

    Removed the "Don't change" option when rocking the vote
    Chocolate and rainbow have a don't change option on the RTV list which is a little counter productive

    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry
    Changed the custom fov plugin to not adjust thirdperson fovs
    The FOV plugin has been modified to not adjust custom FOV settings on clients in third person where applicable (Dodgeball, Prophunt, etc)

    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
    The Store plugin has been trimmed down to run more efficiently
    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
    Improved how the burn death animations plugin works
    The method used to generate ragdolls is now more efficient than before

    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
    Updates to the donator plugin
    The donator plugin's menu now has support for all donator features, opening the menu provides access to the Kill Effects, Rainbowize, and a special thank you message!

    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
    Clientprefs now use a network wide database
    Clientprefs are like cookies for certain server settings, instead of having to adjust certain settings per server, they're now universal

    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
    The chat join message donator feature has been changed
    Previously, the chat join message feature needed to be set per client, per server, and then each client would need to set that message per server. This was a pain for everyone involved. Now, the chat join message has been incorporated similarly to the normal donator text.

    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
    !sosig is now a command that works as a votescramble command
    Chocolate Rainbow
    Removed an old extension and plugin that caused command delay when using voice
    Only seemed to affect Rainbow and only for a few weeks around a month ago

    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
    Exploding headshots now handle ragdolls correctly
    No more shrunken heads, stumpy bodies, etc~

    Chocolate Rainbow
    Exploding headshots now keep the equipped inventory of the player killed
    Chocolate Rainbow
    Invisible spies no longer show speechbubbles over their heads when they speak
    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
    Players who type messages may now sometimes have typing bubbles over their heads
    When you enter a message in text chat, a typing bubble will appear over your head and will remain for a moment or until you start moving. You can also start by opening text chat, pressing space then enter, to start the typing event without having to send a message!
    The end of round donator sprite now handles sprites more efficiently
    Sprites are now parented to players instead of teleported on frame

    Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla

    Gameplay lists

    Assorted lists

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