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Tribes Vengeance

Discussion started on Monday, June 15th, 2020 @ 04:23 PM EDT by...
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What is it?

Tribes Vengeance (Also known as Tribes 3) is a fast-paced first person shooter spanning over a series of gamemodes including CTF, Arena, Rabbit, and more. It is the third game in the high speed shooter series Tribes, and was released in 2004.

Tribes Revengeance is a free multiplayer game that uses a community patched and updated version of Tribes Vengeance. It features an updated server browser, visual improvements, and important fixes that allow the game to be played on modern hardware. This is what we occasionally host on weekends to play around in.

How to play it?

To download it, you'll need to visit a link to the file here: Alternative links can be found here:

Their website also includes a list of performance fixes and improvements you can do, these are entirely optional, but you should take a look anyway!

Okay, but what kind of game is it?

Tribes is referred to as an FPS-Z, a first person shooter that runs quite heavily on the Z axis. That means that movement is just as important as actually shooting is. In Tribes, you're given access to a jetpack, as well as a ski button. Skiing down a hill helps build speed, and your jetpack helps lift you up into the air, these mechanics working together allow you to fly up and around at high speeds and make it a challenge for your opponent to hit you.

The game also features a variety of vehicles, an array of weapons, and different armor classes that you can choose from. If you've played the game Tribes Ascend, you'll have a pretty good grasp over this game as well!

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