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Team Fortress 2

TF2 Technical FAQ - Bugs, Fixes and more galore~!

This is a list of some common issues and potential fixes that happen in TF2. They may be server specific, but most of the time it's just TF2 being buggy.

Disconnected with: "Couldn't CRC Map"

"Couldn't CRC map maps/MAP_NAME.bsp, disconnecting"

This happens when a map you're trying to download failed somehow, usually by a partial download.

  1. Head to this folder [Wherever your steam games are downloaded]\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps
  2. Look for the map file you were trying to join, as in, what map is the server on
  3. Locate it in this folder, and delete it.
  4. Rejoin, and let it download again. Alternatively, locate it on our downloads page and download it from there*

*Downloading files from our downloads page downloads them in a .bz2 format, which you'll need 7-Zip to open.

Disconnected with: "Map differs from server"

Please see the above fix for "Couldn't CRC Map". It requires the exact same steps to fix this problem too.

In-game: Some players are invisible

In your console, copy and run this

record demo; stop

That should fix most problems with missing players

In-game: A sound is playing incorrectly, or on loop

In your console, copy and run this

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