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Team Fortress 2

Discussion started on Friday, September 18th, 2020 @ 07:00 PM EDT by...
iconPoe Stallmann Species : Welsh Corgi SCG Service member
Rain sleep snow or hail, I will always nom your mail!

Bark bark!
I got a special letter, an update! Here are the details!

-Map nominations now ignore silly gamemodes if they were previously played (Chocolate,Rainbow)

When you go to something like Dodgeball, you can't nominate another "silly" map for a while, to prevent silly spam

-Fixed an oversight in map votes that stopped certain modes from appearing after a while (Chocolate,Rainbow)
-Disabled more random death doors in Deathrun (Rainbow)

dr_bank_v12a, dr_undertale_finished_v2fix2, dr_windows_xp

-Fixed an issue with building hats that caused the Engineer dome to appear (again) (Chocolate,Rainbow)
-Donator join messages are back! (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)

The !donator menu now features a new command for applying your chat based donator message

-Fixed a bug preventing store weapons from working (Chocolate,Rainbow,Vanilla)

This has been an SCG Service update! You can check all our important updates on our update page here!
Mann Co. would totally sign off on this if they could! Report any bugs or suggestions here!

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