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Discussion: The 2022 SCG community poll is live! posted in Events and notices

The 2022 SCG community poll is now live! This is the first using our new polling system, it should be pretty straight forward, just a few things to note!

The link to do so is here,, all the stuff below is just a bit of explanation!

This was built with fairness to the community in mind, a lot of it was inspired by someone from a different community who spoke extensively to me once about it. One aspect they discussed with me that stands out here is verification that votes to this poll are coming from the community and not at risk from harm.

Granted...the likeliness of this is slim. But this other community was a lot smaller than ours, and this person was still quite passionate about it. Because we're a furry community as well, it's a non-zero chance that it could happen. So what does that mean?

  1. This particular poll requires you to have been on an SCG server before you can vote, it'll check using your Steam ID against the store database.

  2. Also, this poll is still anonymous, I cannot associate anyone's entry with an account. At the very least, I can see who all voted but as I have hashed everything, it would be a pain in the ass for me to check and I am far too busy to ever bother. The hash mentioned is only so that you can not vote more than once on a particular poll!

I worry this is a bit much, but that is also a question on the poll itself, so if you agree or disagree, let me know! Or even tell me outside of the poll, I promise I won't cry!

As for the poll itself will run for 3 weeks, I hope to see a lot of votes cast! We'll do more, for different reasons and different questions, if there's anything you want to toss in that didn't make it in here, you'll get a chance next time!


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