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Discussion: April 2022 : Map test, details within! posted in Events and notices

Hello folks, here we are again for an SCG map test, however we're doing things a bit differently this time! Rather than have try and have a single map test event night and adding in what feels good, we'll have a few initial map events, weed out maps that are objectively unplayable, and keep the rest on rotation for the proceeding future. Then, as we go along, we'll strip out maps that just aren't popular and those that are will remain in rotation longer.

Additionally, we now have a ton of metrics regarding what maps get played the most, as well as the overall ratings of a map, as we go along adding more into our rotation (, we can strip off those that are not just unpopular, but also grossly overplayed, this allows us to have more diversity in the map selections.

Finally, the general "rules" for map nominations will be heavily relaxed for now. Anyone can pitch any map they'd like to be considered in a map vote and we'll give it a shot. Of course, if they're joke maps or generally unconventional maps, they probably won't make it, but I don't want to rely on initial interest for maps for now while we work on getting more folks active in the community!

The current list of maps up for consideration can be found here, you're encouraged to reply there, but you can reply here as well!

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