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Discussion: Team Fortress 2 Update for Sunday, April 10th, 2022 posted in Team Fortress 2

Bark bark!
I got a special letter, an update! Here are the details!

-Changed the explosion sound of the nuke to a quieter one (Rainbow,Dodgeball)
-Fixed a bug with the model manager (Rainbow,Bug)

The model manager will no longer incorrectly deny you a custom model by thinking you have a Halloween voodoo skin equipped. Only if you actually have one equipped.

-Fixed assorted issues with spawn protection (Chocolate,Rainbow,Feature addition,Bug)

Spawn protection now correctly uses the ÜberCharge canteen effect, so there is no chance of accidental overlap with a legitimate ÜberCharge. A bug that allowed players to fire their weapons while Übered occasionally was fixed. The way the plugin detects weapon usage was optimized, and finally, the plugin will handle all weapon prefire events such as Sniper scoping, Huntsman aiming, and Cow Mangler charging.

This has been an SCG Service update! You can check all our important updates on our update page here!
Mann Co. would totally sign off on this if they could! Report any bugs or suggestions here!

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