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Good afternoon, everyone! Wanted to drop by with a few quick updates to our Discord~!

  1. Thanks to the generous server-boosting from folks within, we now have a vanity url. Folks can join us at, we originally had just but within the short time had it, we an immense increase in bot traffic! Which leads us to our next change!
  2. We have changed our access methods! To prevent bots from scalping our member lists and to help protect the community as a whole, we have isolated a waiting room away from all non-admins. All new entries need to be manually accepted by an admin.
  3. I've also taken a moment to clean up some ranks, there were a few redundant ones that were spread out unevenly to different admins. Admins also have special icons next to name based on the authority of access they have. Those with crosses as their icons are members of more than one administration role.
  4. Members who have been granted access will notice that they have a "rules-and-info" channel now, I took the time to clean up and prettify information about the discord there. You'll find a directory of admins, a list of commands, and information about the opt-in rooms / roles.

Waiting room changes
To protect against isolated raid attacks, all entries into the SCG Discord need to be manually approved by an admin. This changes come after an extremely small (2 people) but abhorrant attack on our community. In order to keep people safe, we will check each and every new person added. Do note that this may cause an inconveinence when friends are given invite links for spontaneous events!

When approving new members, we will check to see if accounts feature things like avatars, attached social media and so on. New members are given a chance to explain how they found our community, or whom they may know inside. Accounts that seem to have joined randomly without any real idea of who we are or haven't ever played on our servers will most likely not get in.

Other things of note!
Previously, the commands for the discord were changed to use slash commands, this is another reminder of that!

The !elcome command has become /welcome
To find out about a server, you'll use /ask and then select server, then a server name. This replaced the !servers command.
And then to play around with special roles, you can use /role, then add_role or remove_role, and then select a role. This replaced the !add_role and !remove_role commands!

This post was updated on 11/07/2021 to reflect changes to the welcome room now requiring manual admin approval.

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