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Our servers are open 24/7, but are often left alone unless enough folks around enough to assemble a group together to play. In order to help folks assemble games together, we offer a number of ways to do so!


On discord, you can use the /role command to toggle access to special ranks that allow you to ping or be pinged for events. For example, the tf2_an role can be used to notifiy others about SCG TF2 events.

Right now we have the following annoucement roles :
TF2 Announcements (tf2_an) - Used for TF2 Announcements on SCG servers

Note : Folks who abuse this role to spam announcements will have their access removed. This role is also only meant for SCG servers directly, we ask that it not be used to advertise outside / unrelated events or servers.


We offer a Telegram announcement group that will display messages regarding active SCG servers. When a server is considered active, a message will appear in that channel and will update every ~5 minutes with the current player count / map until the server is no longer active, then the message will be deleted.

Similarly, these messages will appear in the Discord as well, for their related channel!

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