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Jun 12th
Discussion: Halloween Artwork Contest - 2022 Edition posted in SCG General

Hey folks! It is that time of year yet again!

The semi-annualish SCG Halloween Group Artwork contest! The rules are simple, you must create a spooky group icon that we will use for the month of October! We have a twist though, we are also taking submissions for a discord server banner! You are allowed to submit something for each category / either or.

The rules are simple...

  1. Icons must be 512x512 pixels
  2. Banners must be 960x540 pixels
  3. It must be Halloween spooky themed!
  4. The usual guidelines, nothing racist, sexist, etc;

They will not be judged on artistic merit, instead they'll be judged on originality and creativity! Everyone is encouraged to participate, even if you don't want to try all that hard!

Submissions will be accepted until the September 30th, at 11:59PM Pacfic Time! To toss in your icon, just reply to this thread with it! Or toss it over to my email, [email protected] with the subject "Halloween 2022". There will be prizes this year, announced at a later time!

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