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Jun 12th
Discussion: Group poll starting soon, input needed! posted in Events and notices

Let's start off the new year with questions! It's time for a poll! The objective will be to collect input on assorted topics and adjust things accordingly.

Here are the questions so far, if they seem vague, the wording may not be finalized yet.

  1. Fall damage has a +-20% damage variation value, should we set tf_fall_damage_disablespread to 1 to keep fall damage consistent or keep it random.

  2. Should we disable capture crits on CTF maps.

  3. We'll have another melee crit vote too

What I'd like from folks is to know if any other questions should be proposed in the upcoming vote. I will mention that things such as map suggestions are encouraged, though we will be debuting a new map selection process later this year!

I will be taking submissions for questions for two weeks, deadline is Monday, January 16th! After that, the poll will begin the day after and run until Tuesday the 31st. You can pitch them here, Rowdy's steam, His Discord DM, or even his email; [email protected] :3

Steam: Rowedahelicon
Discord: Rowedahelicon#1337

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