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Leukos Arsenikon Crux
Jun 12th
Discussion: Community poll results are in! posted in Events and notices

Good morning, everyone! I am here to announce the results of the recent community poll! While we did not break our record for votes this time around, we were excited to see that we got really good feedback, including about the polling system itself.

Rowdy promises improvements for next time we run a poll! Now...on to the results!

When asked about adjusting the fall damage variance on the TF2 servers the vote came in really close at 18 no, 19 yes. Because of this, we will go ahead and remove the fall damage variance, keeping the calculation more predictable across the board!

When asked about random crits, keeping the crits restricted to melee weapons only has won again!

When asked about capture crits in CTF games, majority vote voted to keep them on!

Members were asked to share their feelings on class restrictions to which we got a resounding no! We appreciate that a lot of your answers were very descriptive in your feelings towards them, it makes for easy decision making!

When asked about turning the tech support channel into a forum channel, yes won the vote! This will happen soon, and the existing channel will be archived!

Finally, when asked about a starting a cute/wholesome channel into discord, the vote was yes! It will be started soon!

Thank you to all of you who voted, to those who did not, it is ok! We will have another poll down the road, don't worry~!

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