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Sep 11th
Discussion: Banned for... Something posted in Ban appeals

Name: Lucoa-Senpai
Date banned: From discord: 25/04/2023, From Source Servers: 28/04/2023
Reason for ban: "Trolling" (According to the Source Server ban, Trolling being two Comments within the discord with strong and unfiltered opinions on Quebec Peoples/The Canadian version of French language)

Why you should be unbanned:

The actions taken for just 2 comments seem a bit... Extreme, when nobody had reacted to them by the time i was banned, nor was i aware of any prior warnings, strikes, or bans against me for actually breaking rules, besides a single ~3-5 minute sprayban on Rainbow Swirl on i believe the Seventh of April for spraying over someone elses spray (Which was NOT given a reason when applied, nor was i informed why until Rowedahelicon told me in chat after unbanning me), which means either there are things im entirely unaware of in terms of my behaviour or history, What i said was somehow so egregious it warranted a permenant ban with no reasoning given in the discord, or there is some kind of barrier preventing one side from understanding the others intents/meanings/whatever else (Which i would not doubt, as my Autism, despite being very very mild, does still present challenges communicating).

And while my comments were somewhat harsh, yes, i do not see how they warrant a permenant ban, let alone one that does not cite any rules, nor involve any communication with me directly about my comments before my banning. At most, even according to what i am able to see on the rule page, this would in my opinion warrant a warning with a long term or permenant note about my behaviour being made. Unless any Admins are able to give some insight for me that i have not yet been given, as i have had no real feedback nor insight given beyond the ban reason upon joining, then being banned from, The TF2 "Rainbow Swirl" Server, and screenshots of my comments sent to me upon adding Rowedahelicon on steam to ask what my ban was for.

For Context on the Afformentioned Comments: Screenshots sent to me of them by Rowedahelicon over steam, linked DIRECTLY from the chat. (Context on Prior conversation: it was involving the difference between Dialects and different types of a same language that present a language barrier)

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Leukos Arsenikon Crux
Jun 12th

Denied: The rule broken was global rule #5

While our rules on humor / trash talk aren't strict, the use of abusive / dehumanizing language and or harrassment targeted towards a member / group of members and or people is forbidden. ( E.G. you can joke around, but don't be a shit )

When discussing your ban over steam originally, you included this comment as a follow up to being told why you were banned.

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