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Jun 12th
Discussion: An update on X64 TF2! posted in Events and notices

Last night, the X64 update to TF2 was suddenly launched! TF2 now runs in 64 bit and with it comes a pretty significant performance boost.

This update was initially expected to cause a sudden disruption to most of our server mods, this however, is not the case! For the time being, 64 bit players can still play on 32 bit servers. This is not a permanent thing, but allows players to enjoy 64 bit TF2 while server ops continue to work on converting mods.

As of right now, the only things broken are randomizer and any MvM missions that use sig/raf mod. We are working quickly to restore these two things. Additionally, while we did do some testing of normal server mods, there is still a chance that some things can still be broken / crashy, we will keep a close eye on it during tonight's FNG.

Going forward, the plan is still to slowly convert mods and content over to the 64 bit servers. There is a large dedicated group of programmers working towards this goal, so I am not worried.

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