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Jun 12th
Discussion: Upcoming map test event posted in Events and notices

We will be having a map test event this Thursday, starting at 8:30 PM Eastern on Chocolate. We have a number of maps to test, some of which include new modes!

We may or may not get through them all in one night, any that get missed we will visit in a follow up event afterwards. I encourage folks to join and play with us, or download the maps yourself and try them out on your own time! Unlike other map test events in the past, we're trying something new this time around!

We want to try and collect and condense user feedback as much as possible, so that we as a community can help provide useful and constructive feedback to map authors. I don't have a solid idea in mind of what this means yet, but this will be a learning experience!

If you'd like to download the maps ahead of time you may do so either from the workshop: and click "Subscribe to all" or this link:

Thank you!

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