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Jun 12th
Discussion: Community map test updates! posted in Events and notices

Hello! Last week, we tested a bunch of new maps for rotation! Similar to past events, Rowdy was sitting there collecting notes and feedback for each map we went.

Different however, is that the bar for adding a map to rotation is different, many of them have been added and placed under a "round two" sort of thing. As time goes on, we'll see if people actually do like the map, and if it seems like things don't work out, we'll continue to take in feedback which we can then deliver to the map authors.

There are also a number of maps that will not be added at this time, but could be added down the road! Technically, this can apply to any map, but some stand out more than others!

Without additional delay, here are the maps that have been added to rotation at this time.

Baxter -
Fragile -
Vice -
Odyssey -
Patagonia -
Jerrycan -
Yokohama -
Leicoast -
Scallops -

Additional notes:

  • Applejack will most likely make it to rotation, but under a special condition
  • We did not yet test Monkeynaut or Facility
  • We encountered a server crash on the first gungame map we tested; until we can figure out what exactly caused it, we are avoiding gungame at this time

There will be more about these new maps and our future map testing protocols soon, we took in a lot of feedback during the map test and we are cooking up something good!

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Apr 29th

:FoxDab: because nobody else has said anything. Shame about gungame