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Discussion: open fortress ban posted in Ban appeals

Name: Blubbertoons
Steam profile:
Date banned: Q1 of 22
Reason for ban: was 16 at the time in playing in the SGC open fortress server

Why you should be unbanned: its been two whole years now and I think im allowed go back now that im 18

Any additional details: I remember I was playing on that server for a solid while under a diffrent name, one of the members there asked what my age was one time. I was really comfortable there so I explained I was 16. one of the mods there banned me there and dm'd me abt it. They where really nice saying that the people there really liked my company , but I was too young to play in that server. I told him that was very understandable, and I'll dm him when im old enough to unban me.

Its been two years since that situation and Im just asking for a simple unban now that im an 18yo. hope that mod that I was talking to in dms is still around ^^

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Approved, ban removed.