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Discussion started on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 @ 09:35 PM EST by...

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Welcome to the Wall of Shame, a list of all the most hilarious and / or godawful people that have ever blown through here. People who've messed up so bad that we're willing to break our rule of being nice to almost everyone in order to point and laugh at them.

Name: N/A

Steam Profile:
Reason for status: Aimbotting / Speedhacking
Length of punishment: Forever
Caught on: 4/27/2011

This no good rotten speedhacker came on and fucked around with aimbots, ran through walls, and avoided bans by changing his name, he was stopped when his steam community profile was given to Rowdy by Lady Neeka, and his account manually banned. Some of his off server records include...

Having a play time of roughly 612 years
Having his top scores in everything at 2,147,483,647 points
Finding every achievement at the same time (Achievement earned at 11:57 pm)

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"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name: Hidden by request

Reason for status: Butthurt beyond the brink of oblivion
Length of Punishment: Forever
Caught on: 9/29/2011

The story, guy comes in one day and is mad, I get that people get mad, but this guy? Was MAD. Eventually, we permamute him because he won't stop yelling over mic. He vows he'll never return, and leaves.

Several weeks later, comes back. Asks why he's muted, I tell him why, "Oh, I remember now." In the mean time, we're doing melee mode. He makes a sentry. You can already tell how this ends up.

REDACTED: so yeah is that how you treat all the peopel who done agree with you?
REDACTED: Good job Mr. Admin
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Go cry some more, you know what you did, you know why you were kicked, you have no one to blame but your childish behavior.
REDACTED: I was kicked because I didnt feel like zipping through with a noclip that i didnt want playing the way you want me to play and getting bitched at, muted, and slayed when I didnt realize we were still playing that way
REDACTED: Again, nice job Mr. Admin
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: If you listed you would know why we were nocliped or asked instead of bitched about it.
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Listened*
REDACTED: I dont give 2 shits why you were doing, I didnt want it and you shouldnt force it on people
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: hence the kick, I forced it because the spawn door was shut dipshit.
REDACTED: Did you think of possibly reloading the map?
REDACTED: or changing maps?
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Reload the entire map, give noclip for 2 seconds.
REDACTED: or, you know, 100 other things that wouldnt give stupid fucking noclip
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: WHAT DO I CHOOSE?!
REDACTED: Oh yehah good job, you gave noclip for 2 seconds, which means peopel who dont know whats going on get stuck in the wall, have to respawn, and then, what? Oh yeah thats right, THEYRE STUCK RIGHT BACK IN THE FUCKING SPAWN ROOM YOU DIPSHIT
REDACTED is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Round ended, people are fine, no one gave any fucks.
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: If you have a problem with how I run things, don't come back. And if you say you're not coming back, try and hold a form of honesty and mean it.
REDACTED: bah, the only reason I showed up was because REDACTED invited, me, you think I give 2 shits about your cheap ass server? I already have it black listed. If I come back it wont be by choice, just like this time wasnt by choice. Learn to admin before you start a server punk
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: We done here?
REDACTED: I guess so...
REDACTED: I like you, you seem like a nice enough guy, but you handled the situation all wrong. You got me pissed off from word one, and I was already mad when you started using your admin
REDACTED: And yeah, you know what, I was a bit immature when I raged. I'll agree, but at the same time, did you really think a Permamute was necessary? A permamute, I might add, that was supposed to have been lifted weeks ago?
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Don't kiss ass to me. First off, already upset by your prior arrangements, you know why you were muted in the first place. Second, you put up a sentry in a game of melee only. You did take it down, but why put it up? Why even do that? What possible reasoning would there be? Even more so when you put it up by spawn. Second, I wasn't the only one pissed, you could tell everyone else was because of that action. Third, we switch over. Start using a sentry again when the work melee only was thrown around. Fourth, I had it when you complained about the noclip, because everyone in red asked for it, I gave it to them. I know you can hear them. Add in the complaining right after I shut off your mute.
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Yes, hence perma. You didn't exactly speak in a postive tone and again, you did say you were never come back.
REDACTED: I put up the sentry because I didnt realise it was SUPER SERIAL MELEE TIMES.
REDACTED: The second sentry was put up before I realized that we were still doing it
REDACTED: And I immediately swapped classes after I died
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Melee only means melee only. Where do you get super serious out of breaking the only fundamental?
REDACTED: i ddint realize that everyone HAD to do melee only or bans would be initiated
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: You weren't banned
REDACTED: Its like, why the hell would I want to play on a server where I can use a third of my weapons or any class except Demo
REDACTED: What in the hell was the point?
REDACTED: Okay, well then Admin Abuse Slayed
REDACTED: Whatever, you get the point
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: I slayed you so they could take down the sentry
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Yeah, and why would you? Why not go, oh, I don't like this mode, and go to a diff server?
REDACTED: Or, you know, you could have said "Hey, wer'e still doing Melee, please take the sentry down.
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: You mentioned you had, your server.
REDACTED: AdminAbuse just pissed peopel off more
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Abuse =/= fixing problems
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Because "Hey, wer'e still doing Melee, please take the sentry down." was shouted right away
REDACTED: IT was shouted 8 times by 8 different people before I even had a chance to take it down
REDACTED: Then I was slayed.
REDACTED: And yes, using admin powers on something as trivial as someone not doing mele does indeed = Abuse
REDACTED: Also, I dont kiss up
REDACTED: Thats just BS
REDACTED: Go fuck yourself if you think I give a damn about what you say
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Gladly, narcacism kicks ass
REDACTED: Or your feelings about me
REDACTED: I was only trying to explain my point of view
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: And I let you, then came back at the flaws in your arguement.
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: The story as it goes is, you came on following a friend who went off to bed right away, then stayed playing a game you say you didn't want to play, not following the rules everyone else wanted each other to follow, and caused trouble when the entire time, you had your own server you'd rather of played on.
REDACTED: Did you think that maybe it all started when you said "Hey remember that time you raged?"
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: You asked why you were muted, you got an answer.
REDACTED: Yeah, you know what this is just going around in circles, and I'm getting tired of it.
{SCG} Rowdy the Cuddly Crux: Good, as I said, are we done here?
REDACTED: Oh sorry, Forgot to say. Yeah we're done here

iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name: Hidden by request

Reason for status: Butthurt beyond the brink of oblivion
Length of Punishment: None, he left on his own
Caught on: 11/11/2011

As I've mentioned before, I don't like playing thought police, but I can't please everyone. The story here is that this individual came by a lot and liked to be upset at everything. Instead of ... you know, contacting any of the admins, or my email, or our forums, or even the website with the list of contacts on it, this person decided it'd be easier for him to just swing on by and complain a lot. I can't recall a match where something wasn't an issue, maybe the teams were too bad, or perhaps the people were a bit too loud.

If you don't like the teams? Vote a scramble, micspam? Mute them in your menu. This game in general was full of extra mic spam, and everyone was having a fun time. Then this person came on and decided it wasn't cool of us to be doing that, he wanted a srsbzz game. So I decided to have that one on one chat.

There's even a video!

iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name: arsenicCatnip

Reason for status: Illogical behavior
Length of Punishment: Forever
Caught on: 1/13/2012

Furries may have a bad rep within the internet, a lot of us come off as creepy, immature, and weird. But SCG prides itself on only having the upmost awesome furs and keeping out the rif-raf. Not everyone is as cool as we are and may not understand our nature. This plib in general decided that just because he/she/it associated with a "dog fucker" (See, Zoophile) that this made every furry a terrible person. Much like how because some robbers are black, all black people are bad. (THIS ISN'T TRUE, GET IT?) So yeah, that happened.

Comment tree, read bottom up.

iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name: (NoHeros)Wertz

Reason for status: Foggot
Length of Punishment: Forever
Caught on: 1/16/2012

SCG isn't perfect, and sometimes people get banned by mistake, however, we have a lot of tools at our disposal to help seed the wrongfully banned from the rightfully, so when I get a message like so...

Player: Kyle ((NoHeros)Wertz)
Banned by: skunkfox
Message: well basically i had been playing inthe server for just about all day, if you notice i really wasnt causing any trouble to begin with, but then just about half an hour or maybe more ago, some kid joins the game and starts talking smack, and i decided to retaliate and it carried on a bit until we hushed up for about 10 minutes, and then i was about to start the round off as saxton hale and then i got disconnected, banned permanantely, i wouldnt really be explaining why i should be unbanned if i didnt care, but i liked the server but i didnt understand why i got banned instead of the other guy, because during one of the matches about 5 other people spoke up via text or mic and agreed that the kid needed to shut his mouth and play the game.

I become concerned, with the help of the ctrl-f feature of Notepad, I looked at the end to see where this may of taken place. Lookie what I found!

L 01/16/2012 - 01:40:28: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "sorry i was busy masterbating"
L 01/16/2012 - 01:40:33: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "to the sound of your girl voice"

L 01/16/2012 - 01:40:53: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "lol the ppl on xbox live really like your voice too"
L 01/16/2012 - 01:40:56: "[K'I'G] Kpn. Kale<213><STEAM_0:0:29270656><Red>" changed role to "demoman"
L 01/16/2012 - 01:40:58: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "they say you sound like a girl as well"

01/16/2012 - 01:41:03: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "or atleast a kid with a gay lisp"

L 01/16/2012 - 01:41:20: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "well just to let you know"
L 01/16/2012 - 01:41:21: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "thats gay"

L 01/16/2012 - 01:42:46: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "they are all fags"

L 01/16/2012 - 01:42:54: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "especiall y thekid that is a fag"

L 01/16/2012 - 01:44:27: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "like a true nigger"
L 01/16/2012 - 01:44:56: "(NoHeros)Wertz<126><STEAM_0:0:29909557><Red>" say "but you talk like your black"

It was the lack of anyone arguing with him and messages like this

L 01/16/2012 - 01:43:20: "Name Redacted<208><ID Redacted><Red>" say "Wertz just stop telling us you're under 10 years old"

iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name: Dusty the Jackal

Reason for status: Butthurt beyond the brink of oblivion
Length of Punishment: 1 week
Caught on: 2/11/2012

The details of the how aren't that special, just trolling around on Dodgeball and such. After being asked to stop and ignoring it, it was the reaction to the ban that was hilarious.

Saturday, February 11, 2012
12:19 AM - Dusty the Jackal: lawwwwl mad nigger
12:19 AM - SkunkFox [FUD]: week, to perm wanted gotcha
12:20 AM - Dusty the Jackal: kk]
12:21 AM - Dusty the Jackal: thought you were a cool person but you turned out to be a douche :3
12:22 AM - Dusty the Jackal: you can't perma me because this is through steam chat, not the scg website or anything scg related :)
12:22 AM - Dusty the Jackal: so suck it up, boy
12:22 AM - SkunkFox [FUD]: actually i can for racism, recorded the names you swapped to during the game
12:23 AM - Dusty the Jackal: that's what my ban was for :)
12:23 AM - Dusty the Jackal: redundancy much

Name Changed - February 11th, 2012 @ 12:10am - Dusty the Jackal
Name Changed - February 11th, 2012 @ 12:09am - Obese Jew-Niggar
Name Changed - February 11th, 2012 @ 12:09am - African American Obese Jew
Name Changed - February 11th, 2012 @ 12:07am - nigarz

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Name: Worst. Sniper. Ever.™ , Thompson Time , 2nd Worst. Sniper. Ever.™, KABUTO and a few others.

Reason for status: Butthurt beyond the brink of oblivion
Length of Punishment: Forever
Caught on: 2/20/2012

The other day, a group of guys were reported to us about being dicks and treating the other members like shit. So naturally I came in and pushed them off. I banned one of their users, named worst sniper ever.

Then last night, I see that there are 9 players online so I figured I'd go and join them. It's the rest of their group, since not all of them were banned. The following ensues.

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"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name: Tubaflub

Steam Profile:
Reason for status: Player abuse/mic abuse/generally being rude/freak accident
Length of punishment: Forever
Caught on: 6/11/2012

Tubaflub was a special kind of troll, he also may of just been a child who had no control over how he acts, either way he was pitiful and hilarious to deal with. Tubaflub stumbled upon Rainbow one evening and didn't play for long until he was muted by Tell for his rude / vulgar comments. Needless to say, Tubaflub didn't take that with a grain of salt very well.

See -> (Dead link :C)

While playing on Chocolate last night (6/10/2012) he had come on to play some video games, first thing he types to me when I join is "Could you unmute me on Rainbow?" using the handle "Spooge soaked cum dumpster". Not_Impressed.png, what happened next was pretty funny. We (Fao, Myself and Skunkbunneh) had started to run renames on him for the lulz after I had gagged him for some comment he made. He was changing his name to stuff like "WHAT DID I DO?" so we changed his name into replies, I guess we got a little carried away and due to a freak accident, he had caused his own ban by changing his name when we all did, triggering a name change abuse ban.

[12:48:31 PM] Rowdy: It's hilarious though, he technically got banned by a freak accident
[12:48:55 PM] sirius finch: "dicked around with by some suck-off" XD
[12:49:05 PM] Rowdy: Fao, myself, Skunkbunneh and he himself changed his name using steam or /rename all at the same time, so the name change banner banned him

L 06/10/2012 - 23:37:05: [playercommands.smx] "{SCG} Rowdy the Crux <3<216><STEAM_0:0:21349373><>" renamed "..<190><STEAM_0:1:41688805><>" to "Butt Frustrated")
L 06/10/2012 - 23:37:20: [playercommands.smx] "Dee Dee the Skunkbunneh {SCG}<192><STEAM_0:0:15000038><>" renamed "Butt Frustrated<190><STEAM_0:1:41688805><>" to "aBtdedadtdttaaF")
L 06/10/2012 - 23:37:28: [playercommands.smx] "{SCG} Lt Fao<204><STEAM_0:1:24520147><>" renamed "aBtdedadtdttaaF<190><STEAM_0:1:41688805><>" to "tdtdFtFatFtadFa")
L 06/10/2012 - 23:37:30: [namechangepunisher.smx] .. (190) changed names 2 times in the last 10 seconds.
L 06/10/2012 - 23:37:40: [sourcebans.smx] "Console<0><Console><Console>" banned "..<190><STEAM_0:1:41688805><>" (minutes "0") (reason "[NCP] Name change abuse.")
L 06/10/2012 - 23:37:40: [namechangepunisher.smx] Banned YOu faggots (190) for having 3 name changes in 10 seconds.

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"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name: Boygamer1

Steam Profile:
Reason for status: Rude behavior, going 12 years old in a 16
Length of punishment: Forever
Caught on: 8/8/2013 (original) ; 8/10/2013 (community ban)

It all started with this.

4:19 PM - Southern Cross Gaming: Player BOYGAMER1 (STEAM_0:1:53481858) has been reported by NecroHavox (STEAM_0:1:40688519) with the following reason: Other (Admin may contact you). Server IP: Report was provided by SourceReports.
4:19 PM - Southern Cross Gaming: Player BOYGAMER1 (STEAM_0:1:53481858) has been reported by BadWolf (STEAM_0:1:43754093) with the following reason: Other (Admin may contact you). Server IP: Report was provided by SourceReports.

Natrually, I walk in to investigate. Sure enough there is a child in there running their keyboard off at everyone else who is just trying to have fun. He was officially gagged but then banned for this.

{SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: [Bunny] BOYGAMER1 : sleeping not a asshole admin
(Voice) xxgirxx005: MEDIC!
(Voice) xxgirxx005: MEDIC!
[Bunny] BOYGAMER1 : u r the asshole admin

There was more, but it got cut off from the logs. :c He had said that in response to a friend being gagged for being annoying towards others.


So they were both gagged and banned and everything was okay. Why are two random pubs on here? Well two days later...

5:49 PM - [Redacted]: hey, dunno if anyone else had given you a heads up, but somebody is in the chat complaining about being banned from strawberry
5:49 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: no one did x3
5:49 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: thanks for letting me know :3
5:50 PM - [Redacted]: : ah, lol. np


5:51 PM - BOYGAMER1: about the strawberry server
5:51 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: Hmm?
5:53 PM - BOYGAMER1: can u see why am i banned from strawberry


5:55 PM - BOYGAMER1: so howmany days is that
5:54 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: 30
5:55 PM - BOYGAMER1: wat
5:55 PM - BOYGAMER1: y 30
5:55 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: how old are you?
5:56 PM - BOYGAMER1: 12
5:55 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: Really?
5:56 PM - BOYGAMER1: yes i promise
5:56 PM - BOYGAMER1: u can ask my parents if u knew them
5:55 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: 4 year ban, come back when you've finished middle school.
5:57 PM - BOYGAMER1: plz
5:57 PM - BOYGAMER1: can u make it shorter
5:58 PM - BOYGAMER1: wait y dont u bann him to
5:58 PM - BOYGAMER1: he called my friend a asshole to
5:57 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: 08-09-13 19:40 [Admin]BOYGAMER1
5:57 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: Were you going to impersonate an admin?
5:59 PM - BOYGAMER1: i was just joking
5:59 PM - BOYGAMER1: admin means boss
5:59 PM - BOYGAMER1: chu ching
6:00 PM - BOYGAMER1: no i want
6:00 PM - BOYGAMER1: no i wasn't
6:01 PM - BOYGAMER1: can i pay my way out of bann
6:00 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: Hahahaha, no way
6:01 PM - BOYGAMER1: yeah way how much

6:00 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: 1 gorillian dollars
6:01 PM - BOYGAMER1: ur lieing
6:01 PM - BOYGAMER1: report
6:01 PM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz: report?


[6:03:12 PM] [Redacted]: Do I know you?
[6:03:20 PM] Rowedahelicon: me?
[6:03:27 PM] [Redacted]: He is asking if I know you
[6:03:32 PM] [Redacted]: I could be an ass and say "no"
[6:03:35 PM] Rowedahelicon: XD
[6:03:43 PM] Rowedahelicon: not sure


5:03 PM - BOYGAMER1: do u
5:05 PM - [Redacted]: I'm not sure. Where is he?
5:05 PM - BOYGAMER1: at the bottom
5:05 PM - BOYGAMER1: hes lieing

And finally...

5:59 PM - BOYGAMER1: no i got it already
6:04 PM - BOYGAMER1: whatever
6:04 PM - BOYGAMER1: fuck all yall people
6:04 PM - BOYGAMER1: and this strawberry server
6:04 PM - BOYGAMER1: motherfucker
6:05 PM - BOYGAMER1 was banned by {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 artz.

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"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name: Kaji-chuu

Steam Profile :
Reason for status : Immature attitude
Length of time (3 Months Forever)

It all started with this...

Kaji has been a problem for a long time, known for complaining about teams, gameplay, all kinds of stuff; then being part of the problem later on. He's been given warnings and has been talked to before, with no change in attitude.

An event the other night finally brought this story to an end, with his attitude being extra annoying.

[03:37:03] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : wow
[03:37:10] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : that was a no scope headshot
[03:37:23] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : and i have no idea how i got that
[03:46:00] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : lol
[03:46:15] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : i shall mate a note that they both rage quit 2v1 (cat)
[03:46:19] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : make~
[03:47:01] [US] [Red ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : happy days! owo

[02:21:20] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : lol just for a spray
[02:21:33] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : some people get mad over litterally nothing

[02:45:22] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : LOL no one can keep a domination on me tonight~ xP

[03:12:29] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : cant carry team lol

[03:12:58] [US] [Blue ] s5ry3rr00088888888* & : You should try hardest Kaji.
[03:13:38] [US] [Blue ] [PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu : someone has too i guess

He was muted after that evening, set for a 3 month mute and gag from the chat. He didn't take it too kindly in server however.

L 06/24/2014 - 22:46:56: "[PkMn★ ] Kaji-chuu<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Red>" changed name to "the mutes are real"

L 06/24/2014 - 22:47:16: "the mutes are real<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Red>" changed name to "lol"

L 06/24/2014 - 22:47:42: "lol<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Red>" changed name to "Kajichuu (muted by rowdy lol)"

L 06/24/2014 - 22:54:42: "Spy around base!<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Red>" changed name to "Kajichuu (Muted by rowdy lol)"

L 06/24/2014 - 23:02:24: "Kajichuu (Muted by rowdy lol)<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Blue>" changed name to ";3"

L 06/24/2014 - 23:02:44: ";3<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Blue>" changed name to "Kajichuu (muted by rowdy lol)"

L 06/24/2014 - 23:03:31: "Kajichuu (muted by rowdy lol)<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Blue>" changed name to "Kaji is about to be banned lol"

L 06/24/2014 - 23:04:58: "Kaji is about to be banned lol<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Blue>" changed name to "Kajichuu (lol for no reason()"

The first bolded quote is to show how quickly he changed his name from ;3 to muted by rowdy. At this point, it was clear he was doing it for attention.

The second portion is when Fao renamed him, to is about to be banned, then when he switched it back to lol for no reason, I spoke up.

I pointed out that the ban / mute list is public, anyone can see what is done and if I didn't think I was being fair in my decision, I wouldn't of posted his mute publicly for anyone to see. I then added he was muted for his attitude towards others, referencing the above chat pastings. I then told him, this is your chance to act like an adult, just leave this be and nothing worse will happen.

L 06/24/2014 - 23:06:29: "Kajichuu (lol for no reason()<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Blue>" changed name to "Im muted and cant type or speak"

At this point, I mentioned one final time that yes this is the case. So there is nothing else you can do, stop here and nothing will get any worse, just be an adult about it.

```L 06/24/2014 - 23:06:50: "Im muted and cant type or speak<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><Blue>" changed name to "Rowdy muted me for no reason"

L 06/24/2014 - 23:07:07: [sourcebans.smx] "{SCG} Rowdy the Crux<185><STEAM_0:0:21349373><>" banned "Rowdy muted me for no reason<214><STEAM_0:1:10822071><>" (minutes "0") (reason "Problematic")```

At this point, it was over, out of respect I wasn't going to post this until...

So there you have it! Another try-hard dealt with.

iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Attn : This person's name has been withheld from public view due to them reportedly having bi-polar disorder, I ask you to respect this and keep their identity secret if you know who it is!


Steam Profile : WITHHELD
Reason for status : Immature attitude
Length of time : Forever

So what did they do?

12:47 AM - [REDACTED] entered chat.


12:53 AM - [REDACTED]: do y'all ever talk about, y'know, anything interesting in this chat?
12:53 AM - [REDACTED]: Like, seriously. Every god damn day I come in here...
12:54 AM - [REDACTED]: It's bullshit.
12:54 AM - cat noises: You could always bring up an interesting topic.
12:54 AM - {SCG} TheBurningFox: Das rude.
12:54 AM - Alka: If you don't like it, you can leave, too.
12:54 AM - cat noises: or you could just not come to the chat :3
12:54 AM - Hsk: Dude, chill out
12:54 AM - Hsk: just because something isnt up -your- alley in terms of conversation
12:54 AM - Hsk: doesnt mean you need to come off as an ass about it
12:55 AM - AzureKnightRush: What would you define as interesting?
12:55 AM - [REDACTED]: lol, okay hsk
12:55 AM - AzureKnightRush: Because interesting is kinda of a subjective term.
12:55 AM - [REDACTED] was banned by {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 commissions.

This person in particular, has had attitudes before. They've mocked the game, the players, stuff like that. So they've already been a problem.

If you doubt me, take a look at after he was banned!

12:57 AM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 commissions: That was [REDACTED] btw
12:57 AM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 commissions: For those who didn't know
12:58 AM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 commissions: He's had an attitude in here a lot
12:58 AM - 1/2 Bit: oooooooooooooh
12:58 AM - Kiba: lol
12:58 AM - 1/2 Bit: now I understand
12:58 AM - cat noises: S'true :o
12:58 AM - Hyppie: oh, [ALSO REDACTED]'s friend
12:58 AM - Hyppie: Buddy
12:58 AM - Hyppie: guy

So normally this is where the story would end...but...


[Imgur link deleted, gotta find it]

And finally

12:56 AM - [REDACTED]: Lol, seriously?
12:56 AM - [REDACTED]: Banning?
12:56 AM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 commissions: yeahg
12:56 AM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 commissions: yeah
12:56 AM - [REDACTED]: Already?
12:56 AM - {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 commissions: yeah
12:56 AM - [REDACTED]: Wow, you're kind of a cunt. ♥
12:56 AM - [REDACTED]: (cat)

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