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Discussion started on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 @ 09:35 PM EST by...
iconArtemus Species : Border Collie SCG Service member

Welcome to the Wall of Shame, a list of all the most hilarious and / or godawful people that have ever blown through here. People who've messed up so bad that we're willing to break our rule of being nice to almost everyone in order to point and laugh at them.

Name: N/A

Steam Profile:
Reason for status: Aimbotting / Speedhacking
Length of punishment: Forever
Caught on: 4/27/2011

This no good rotten speedhacker came on and fucked around with aimbots, ran through walls, and avoided bans by changing his name, he was stopped when his steam community profile was given to Rowdy by Lady Neeka, and his account manually banned. Some of his off server records include...

Having a play time of roughly 612 years
Having his top scores in everything at 2,147,483,647 points
Finding every achievement at the same time (Achievement earned at 11:57 pm)

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iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name : vvv Lilly vvv

Steam profile :
Reason for status : Harrassment towards group users
Length of time : Forever

This person has been known to harass people on the group chat before, but had slipped away from getting banned. However tonight, they decided to return for whatever reason and everyone was on point. I received plenty of messages letting me know they had come back in and I was able to ban them finally.

Shortly after banning them , this was left on my profile.

Lilly [vvv ]
Rowdy listen to me ! If you have problem with me, please go visit VALVE or go to hell.
I have no idea why banned me.Fuck group SouthernCross Gaming

Welcome to my spy list and black list.

Steam Name: {SCG} Rowdy - open 4 commissions
Steam 3ID: [U:1:42698746]
Steam ID32: STEAM_0:0:21349373


Reason: Undesirable person in community on my steam account (Next idiot on steam )

We are even ! Goodbye

Which lead me to :

I this pretty much explains itself. I have no words for this , I've never truly seen something so insane before. The amount of special snow-flake radiating from this makes my eyes hurt.

iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Name : ???

Steam Profile : ???
Reason for status : Behavior
Length of time : Forever

This is certainly the oddest case SCG has ever dealt with. The gist here is that this kid was banned? We don't even know, we cannot find an original ban here. But this kid (as least I hope it is a kid) continues to come back every so often. They make entirely new steam accounts each time, all of them seem to have a similar theme. They're freshly made private accounts with a cartoon or game character name + picture. They will enter the group chat, maybe say hello, then vanish entirely until they return with a new account.

Here are some of the ones I saved:

A better example of them "interacting"
enter image description here

And my favorite example, this one time I had logged onto my FA only to be greated with a ton of notes out of nowhere.

Continued actions :

From the group chat on 7/26/2018

12:07 PM
insults and harassing furaffinity and steam spamming chat rooms create new accounts bypass bans leave and dont never come back to steam all my accounts is ban always this chat room if i am come back and artemus is very angry what did fat furries and furry and brony groups all this years okay i am not welcome steam community anymore i am leave permantly
yes is better all leave people alone goodbye

From my email, same day:

olavi lang

1:09 PM (4 hours ago)
okay dont create new steam accounts and i am not welcome anymore back to steam harassing and insults hurting many artemus friends and spamming fuck you messages

next time is better i am think 2 times before come back to steam
i am no friends steam anymore only enemies and people hate me
what you want all people dont want nothing is better all i am leave
and is better never come back and no creates new steam accounts
bypasses bans i am lots rules broken steam and furaffinity people
is very angry and artemus is very angry many times your chat room
banned out i am not welcome anymore steam community furry and
bronies chat room all people want steam i am leave and never come
back okay promise you this i am not never come steam good
and goodbye

rowry and him officers decision is next ban all my accounts
out your group chat room good reason spamming and harassing
insults many people fat furries group and others furry groups
too and me like pony people and artemus is very angry
what did him friends 2012 year do you mean rowry if i am trying
join group kicked out is happen me and ban oliver weed cody
felix cody collie patches tundra morbid wolf adam stinky runt crash
spike now rowry knows all names what used steam ban is happen
always artemus and rowry is very angry me what did 2012 and 2013
2014 2015 2016 2017 many people hurting spamming harassing
and sent fuck you messages all groups

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