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Today's birthdays : Hydroplane
Today's events : =Friday Night Gaming= Team Fortress 2
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  • If you're looking to report an admin / member or player to abuse, please check this guide on how to do so.
  • To contact an admin in TF2 right away, please use the !report command!

SCG Staff

Cnoisy's personal picture Cnoisy
Team Fortress 2 Admin
Fraeven's personal picture Fraeven
Team Fortress 2 Admin / TF2 Tech
Herakilla's personal picture Herakilla
Minecraft Head Admin
Hoosk's personal picture Hoosk
Chatroom Head Admin , Global Admin
Jon's personal picture Jon
Team Fortress 2 Admin
Metka Fennec's personal picture Metka Fennec
Team Fortress 2 Admin
Rowedahelicon's personal picture Rowedahelicon
Founder / TF2 Head Admin / Tech lead
Signum's personal picture Signum
Team Fortress 2 Admin
Silver Dragon's personal picture Silver Dragon
Chatroom Admin
Tellahleiah's personal picture Tellahleiah
Team Fortress 2 Admin / TF2 Tech
Thunder Rahja's personal picture Thunder Rahja
Don't Starve Together Head Admin
Vapor's personal picture Vapor
Team Fortress 2 Admin

SCG Support Staff

Artemus's personal picture Artemus
SCG Security
Poe Stallmann's personal picture Poe Stallmann
SCG Mailman