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SCG Community Bans

This page is an index of bans across our community's different footholds in different platforms. It is used as a reference for viewing bans, if you wish to appeal a ban, please visit our appeal page.

For more information on our bans and punishment policies, please check our rules and policies page.


Date Name Length Reason
dat tf2 Permanent child View
Brain Eugini MicNael Permanent trolling View
ag0910 Permanent troll View
Spy TF2 Permanent racism View
Permanent "Cheating" View
Archangel Permanent trolling View
SMOK3DADDY Permanent racism View
heartpuller Permanent [StAC] Banned for 10 fake angle detections View
Permanent "Cheating" View
Permanent "Cheating" View
frank hassle Permanent Hacking View
$FMKUP$ Ricky Kasso Permanent [StAC] Banned for pSilent after 10 detections View
$FMKUP$ Insane Hell Gamer Permanent [StAC] Banned for pSilent after 10 detections View
GingerPaul05 1 Hour(s) Inappropriate Language View
real Permanent [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account View
toad Permanent cheating View