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Discussion started on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 @ 08:39 PM EDT by...
iconArtemus Species : Border Collie SCG Service member

A long long time ago, when I was a young wolf still. There existed a wondrous laboratory up in the hills called Wonderworld.

Wonderworld was a ... well ... wonderful place. There was a big observatory and lots of secret lab stuff going on and all kinds of wonders. When I was around...15 or so, they announced they were going to do this big science fair for all of the local schools to come together and compete over some big prize thing.

I wasn't super interested but some of my friends were so we all had decided we were going to enter in a project and try and win a ribbon or something :D

Sadly, things didn't really work out as well as we hoped.

But anyway...In honor of the spirit of Wonderland and what never was, I decided I'd hold my own sort of science fair today! It's actually today and tomorrow, a two parter if you will.

Today, I figured what is the best way to show it off than on here, The Jewelbox!

The Jewelbox

enter image description here

The Jewelbox is SCG's brand new, hand crafted, discussion and support forum.
We've had forums in the past, then we jumped to the steam forums, but none of them have ever been too...popular. But much to my dismay, I decided that we needed one.

SCG has a lot of information that gets scattered around all over the place, sure we have a website, but I can't always fit every little thing on it without everything flying all over the place. Plus there are things like questions, things that need to be discussed, and just notes that need to be taken down.

So here we are.

The Jewelbox was built from the ground up, only using minimal frameworks to keep it easy to maintain. It is designed to be modifiable by yours truly, to fit any sort of need we have for it for the time to come. It features a robust permissions system that has been redesigned as part of the entire SCG network making things all compact and easy to manage.

We use Markdown rather than BBcode, easier to understand and easy to add in new features into it.

It also uses Steam! So you don't need an account because already do. Just login and you're good to go.

But what else can you do while you're here? I know it's sort of bare bones still but why don't you check out the getting started thread here!

More to come!

This is only a big piece of what is going to be a bunch of other things in the days to come, I've been working tirelessly to help deliver this to you all and I really really hope you all enjoy it as much as I did working on it.

Don't be afraid to ask questions or give out any criticisms you have! I want to hear them!

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iconPoe Stallmann Species : Welsh Corgi SCG Service member
"Rain sleep snow or hail, I will always nom your mail!"

Oh gosh, finally! :3

iconMordy/Magpai Species : Eurasian Magpie #2 Ghastly Ghoul
"Pebble romancer champion"

Hard work is finally paying off :>
i hope...

icon{SCG} Fluffy Prince Rowsei Species : Crux Founder
""Crazy is as Crazy does""

Quoted from @76561198058143830

Hard work is finally paying off :>

i hope...

Hopefully! Anxiety is kickin' in but I'm gonna stay determined that this'll be great ;w;

iconSekioh Species : Dragonwolf

Wowie, we've broke time itself. Still on Day 0! :P

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