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GriefPrevention - Claim your house today!


  1. Do not claim land too close to someone else!
  2. Claim the land you want to protect! We are not responsible for lost or stolen goods due to unclaimed land space!

How do I claim land space?

  1. Use a golden shovel! This is your claim tool!
  2. Right click your first corner, then your second.
  3. You're all set!

What are my limits?

  1. You start off with a total collection space of 100 blocks!
  2. You collect an additional 100 blocks per hour of play time, with a max limit of 2000 blocks.
  3. These are default settings, feel free to provide feedback if you feel these are unfair! :X


For more details, the entire list of commands can be found here :

Command Description
/AbandonClaim Deletes the claim you're standing in.
/ClaimExplosions Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim.
/Trust Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
/UnTrust Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
/AccessTrust Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/ContainerTrust Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/TrustList Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/SubdivideClaims Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.
/RestrictSubclaim Restricts a subclaim, so that it inherits no permissions from the parent claim.
/BasicClaims Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
/PermissionTrust Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.
/Untrust All Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.
/AbandonAllClaims Deletes all of your claims.
/BuyClaimBlocks Converts server money to claim blocks.
/SellClaimBlocks Converts claim blocks to server money.
/GivePet Gives away a tamed animal.
/ClaimsList Lists a player's claims and claim block details.
/IgnorePlayer Ignores a target player's chat messages.
/UnIgnorePlayer Un-ignores a target player's chat messages.
/IgnoredPlayerList Lists all players currently ignored
/Siege Besieges a player (disabled by default).
/Trapped Gets a player out of a land claim he's trapped inside.
/UnlockDrops Allows other players to pick up items you dropped when you died.
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