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Discussion started on Friday, August 31st, 2018 @ 04:27 AM EDT by...
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Hello! Just a quickie update to hopefully curb-stomp some more issues!

Note : Dynmap is still disabled to help cut back on exploration lag, and will be enabled soonish. Also, because Minecraft 1.13.X is still new, the modding community is trying to catch up to version 1.13.1; right now everything is still potentially buggy and unoptimized, proceed with caustion!


  • Disabled the firework effects for McMMO for ability usage / leveling up
  • Reduced view distance from 10 to 4 to help reduce lag*
  • Fixed a bug with spigot that was causing the server to report players moving too fast
  • Fixed a bug with the Grief Protection plugin that caused it to freak out when trying to claim a beach
  • Fixed a bug that causing players to be disconnected by the server thinking they were logged in elsewhere**

*This is a temporary measure to help curb lag, it may be reset someday but no promises
**This is SUPPOSEDLY a Spigot problem and was supposedly fixed according to a dev post

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