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Discussion: Minecraft server updated to 1.15.1 but important information! posted in Minecraft

Note : This was originally shared in our Discord, this is an elaborated post rather than a late one!

Minecraft 1.15 ( is officially out! But as you may notice...the server is still on version 1.14.4! What gives?

EDIT 3 - 12/18

Server is now running 1.15.1, still no word on Gravy being updated, however Dynmap is now working better than previously!

EDIT 2 - 12/14

The server is now running version 1.15! It's up, online, most things working, etc. However there is a big important oh no uh oh thing to keep in mind. The gravestone plugin is currently broken as a result of the update. GRAVES WILL NOT SPAWN WITH YOUR ITEMS WHEN YOU DIE. PLEASE BE CAREFUL ABOUT DYING. YOU ALREADY SHOULD BE BUT LIKE, YEAH.

The standard 5 minute timer for picking up dropped items is back in action for now, but **THERE ALSO MAY BE SOME BUGGINESS WITH THAT TOO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS AAAAAAAAAAAA.


As of this afternoon (12/13) Paper Spigot has been updated to 1.15, a server update is set to happen on 12/14 @ 3:00 AM ET

Why is our server out of date?

TL;DR We need to wait until our plugin support works again, otherwise bad things may happen :/

Our server, like many Minecraft servers use a plugin backend to provide plugin support. There are a few different kinds, Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, etc.

The SCG server uses a backend called PaperSpigot, a version of Spigot that is meant to be more focused on optimization.

When an update comes out for Minecraft, the developers behind these backends need to update their own programs to support the latest version. There is always a delay because they can only begin working as soon as the actual update is out. Minecraft is a bit trickier than something like TF2 which updates differently.

We simply need to wait until PaperSpigot to be updated to the new version so we can continue running our plugins. An unprotected server is very open to attacks by trolls and such, so it's better to wait than to risk major damage!

I understand it's annoying, but in the long run the wait isn't too long at all!

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