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Discussion: Minecraft Update for Sunday, March 29th, 2020 posted in Minecraft

Bark bark!
I got a special letter, an update! Here are the details!

-Increased server view distance (Buttermilk)

The server's view distance was lowered from 10 to 4 in order to try and combat lag caused by earlier MC updates. It has been reset back to 10 for now unless it causes issues again.

-Fixed some issues with McMMO (Buttermilk)

Fixed assorted XP values and requirements being incorrect

-Adjusted XP gains from alchemy (Buttermilk)

I've adjusted the McMMO alchemy xp gains from brewing potions to make it less tedious, I am unsure of the new settings and they are subject to change if needed

This has been an SCG Service update! You can check all our important updates on our update page here!
No need to joke about herobrine today! Report any bugs or suggestions here!

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