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Discussion: Minecraft 1.16 is here! know what that means! posted in Minecraft

Let me start off by saying we are NOT resetting the world! Do not panic. But. We WILL reset the Nether! Take this time to gather anything you left in there and break down any buildings for supplies. When the server is properly updated, we'll reset the Nether at the same time unless the server updates earlier than expected, we'll keep in touch!

So, Minecraft 1.16 is out! As of today! However, like all Minecraft updates, the server will NOT be updated right away! We need a few days or so for a new version of Bukkit / Paper / Spigot to be released so we can safely update the server with all the right things. I'll be keeping a close eye on this as always and we'll get the server all up to date as soon as possible!

Looking forward to all the new things, will report back soon!

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