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Jun 12th
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Discussion: Show off your builds in our highlight posts! Submissions always posted in Minecraft

Hey! I want to feature your Minecraft builds in a post dedicated to showing them off! You should totally share them with everyone!

Here's how it works~!

  1. Submissions are always open, just drop them on the form below!
  2. I'll need the relative coordinates of where to go (Must be on the SCG server of course!)
  3. Posts will be compiled and sent out on a basis appropriately proportionate to the number of submissions we get. Encourage your friends to post, the more we get the more we can share!
  4. Feel free to describe the place, what lore does it have, who helped you make it, etc~

If your build / home / whatever isn't ready, that's okay! There is NO RUSH. The submissions are ALWAYS OPEN~! Oh, and we won't be featuring anything really obscene, so keep that in mind in case someone has the idea to make ... another ... "island"! :P

Drop us a message in the form below! And check out the featured submissions as they come in, we'll link to all of the posts right here!

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