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Thursday's TF2 update introduced a rather annoying change. Player sprays are now disabled by default on community servers. They were previously only disabled on Valve servers.

However, to fix this (assuming you want to!) There's just one setting you need to adjust!

  1. Open your Advanced Options menu

  2. Scroll on down to Miscellaneous Options

  3. Locate the Disable Sprays checkbox, and make sure it is unchecked, and you should be fine!

Alternatively, the cvar for this is cl_spraydisable, you'll want to set that to 0.

NOTE! If you had sprays forcibly enabled in a config prior, you'll still need to do this. They changed the previous cvar from cl_playerspraydisable to cl_spraydisable

Also keep in mind, if you'd like to easily create wonderful high-quality sprays, you should consider checking out the Spraymaker 5000!

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