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Discussion: Minecraft Update for Sunday, July 17th, 2022 posted in Minecraft

Bark bark!
I got a special letter, an update! Here are the details!

-Graves no longer require tokens to use (Buttermilk)

This may be a temporary change to help out players while the server is still new, but hey, enjoy!

-Added the ability to sit and crawl (Buttermilk)

You can now sit on blocks using /sit and crawl around using /crawl

-The server will now restart every ~12 hours (Buttermilk)

Every 12 hours, at midnight and noon; ample warnings are given ahead of time!

-Players who are AFK will display with gray text in the tablist (Buttermilk)

This has been an SCG Service update! You can check all our important updates on our update page here!
No need to joke about herobrine today! Report any bugs or suggestions here!

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