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Buttermilk is an SCG Minecraft server. Buttermilk provides a Survival Multiplayer (SMP) experience to SCG players. The Server is invite only with the ability to be whitelisted through the Jewlbox or Discord. The server focuses on a mostly Vanilla Minecraft experience with the addition of some plugins.

  1. Whitelist
  2. History
  3. Locations
  4. Plugins
    1. Dynmap
      1. Markers
    2. Freedom Chat
    3. Graves
    4. Grief Protection
    5. mcMMO
  5. Commands
  6. Trivia


how to get whitelisted


In June of 2022 the server world was reset to make way for a new, larger world. This allowed for a fresh start using the new terrain generation techniques added in version 1.19 of the game.


locations and places around the server?



Dynmap provides a web-based live map of the server accessible from a browser. Dynmap shows the terrain in both a 2D top down or a 3D isometric view. The map also shows active players as well as waypoints, coordinates and the current time in the server. Dynmap can be accessed here:


Markers can be added to a location by putting down a sign. The first line should simply be [dynmap], the next line should be the title of the location, "Ex: Rowdy's House". The marker can be deleted by deleting the sign.

Freedom Chat

Freedom chat is a plugin designed to disable server side chat reporting, one of many commonly used plugins of a similar premise as a protest to Microsoft's insane overextension of power over community run servers.


With Graves players items will be dropped into a gravestone for convenient pickup on death. On death a grave will be spawned. For a grave to spawn, the player must hold a Grave Token in their inventory. How does one obtain this? When returning to the spot, right clicking the grave will allow the player to retrieve its contents. Graves are set to despawn after a certain amount of time [Citation Needed] Does this happen on Buttermilk?

Grief Protection

Grief Protection allows players to claim land and protect it from griefing (destruction of other players in-game property). To stake a claim, the player must use a golden shovel. Right click to start the claim process at a corner of their build. Then right click the adjacent corner. This will show the area with golden blocks and glowstone. To expand the claim, right click a corner then right click outside of the claimed area to increase it.
When a player places down their first chest it will create a nine by nine area for their initial claim. This only happens once, And can be expanded later. [Citation Needed] Does this happen on Buttermilk?
When building a base it is worth noting Wooden doors and trapdoors are interactable for all players. However Iron Doors are inaccessible due to the need to interact with a Redstone button or lever. Pressure Plates however do allow other players to open and close iron doors.
Players can trust others with simple commands to allow them to build or access containers such as chests.


mcMMO implements many MMORPG elements into the game. mcMMO adds a wide variety of skills for common Minecraft tasks and activities. Each skill also comes with both passive and active abilities depending on the players skill level.

For a deeper look consult the SCG Wiki article on mcMMO
For a more indepth look consult the mcMMO Wiki. The official wiki is currently down so instead consult the Community Wiki on Fandom.


/gravesnoneDisplays information about the players current graves.
/balancenoneDisplays your current balance of money.
/balancetopnoneDisplays the players with the most money.
/payplayerName amountSends a player the specified amount of money.
/mcmmo helpnoneDisplay help menu for mcMMO
/skillNamenoneDisplay info on the given mcMMO skill name. Example: Woodcutting, Fishing.
/mcabilitynoneToggles mcMMO Abilities on or off.
/mmoxpbarshow/hide/disableToggle the display of the XP bar when earning XP for mcMMO Skills
/mctopnoneShows top ranking players based on mcMMO skill levels.
/mcranknoneShows the players rank for each mcMMO skill.
/abandonClaimnoneAbandons current claimed land.
/abandonAllClaimsNoneAbandon all claimed land.
/trust or /tplayerNameGive build permission to a player inside of a claim.
/accessTrust or /atplayerNameGives a player access to buttons levers and beds.
/containerTrust or /ctplayerNameGives a player access to use buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/trustListnoneDisplay a list of players given trust
/untrust or /utplayerName/allRevoke permissions from a player.