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Events:Friday Night Gaming

Friday Night Gaming, or FNG, is an organized SCG event involving a long play session on one of our Team Fortress 2 servers. The event is hosted on an alternating server each week, Chocolate or Rainbow, from around 8:30 PM ET to around 2:30 AM ET every friday. It is the longest running SCG event, having started during the pre-SCG era.


Each Friday night, at roughly 5:00 PM ET, Poe posts the following in Discord

The neon lights turn on, rumbling noises in the kitchen can be heard, gaming pods with HD TV's come online, and N-VEL the killer DJ is spinning off some wicked tunes.... Ladies and Gentlemen, the Southern Lounge is open for business!

Good Convo's wanted...{Random subtopic}.
Tonight on the menu : {Random food item}!

This is a reference to a weekly member discussion post, often made on weekends by moderators or members of the now defunct Sony Playstation Underground forums.