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Events:VR Meetup

VR Meetups, sometimes known as VR Chat Saturday, are an officially organized SCG event involving a group VR hangout session, typically in VR Chat. Unless there is a specific theme in mind, the night is usually unplanned and casual. Members of SCG are invited to come hang out with each other, play games, show off avatars and more.

VR Meetups are SFW and are intended to be an open event where anyone is welcome to join! They are usually scheduled every other Saturday, typically on weeks when Chocolate is the server chosen for Friday Night Gaming and start around 9:30 PM Eastern Time. They can go as long as anyone is willing to stick around for.

In order to keep events small and comfortable, announcements details are currently limited to the Vr-Gaming channel on the SCG Discord! Information about our VRC group can be found in a pinned post in the Vr-Gaming channel!