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Gameplay Announcements

Gameplay annoucements are messages delivered to members of SCG through assorted channels, usually via Poe, pertaining to assorted SCG related game events. The events can be automatic (Such as when a server has enough people on it), or manual (When a member uses an announcement role to try and start a game.)

  1. Active server events
    1. Channels
      1. Discord
      2. Telegram
  2. Member announcements

Active server events

When a server in the SCG network reaches a particular threshold of players, it will trigger a server event on the appropriate Discord / Telegram channel. Poe will post a message informing folks that there is a game happening in that server, along with an option to join. In some cases, a link can be provided for the current map.

An example of an active server

The event embed will be updated every 5 minutes with the latest information. This can include what map the server is on, or a list of players online. Every 4 hours, the message is deleted and replaced with a new one to ensure it is staying visible.

Each server has an upper and lower threshold of players. When the upper is met, the event begins. When the lower is met, the event ends. For example, of Chocolate reaches 10 players, it is considered "active", when it reaches 4, it is considered ending for the time being.



As of April 2022, the following channels are able to display active server events.

  1. #minecraft
  2. #scg-games-general
  3. #team-fortress-2


All active server event messages are kept in a single Telegram announcement channel, which can be found here.

Member announcements

On the SCG Discord, members are able to ping specific roles when they want to try and get active games going. You do not need the role in order to ping it, however adding the role will allow you to get pings when people use them. These roles can be added or removed at any time by using the /role command in discord.

An example of the role command

As of April 2022, the following roles exist.

  1. Minecraft Announcements - A ping role for the SCG Minecraft Server!
  2. TF2 Announcements - A ping role for SCG TF2 games!
  3. VRChat Announcements - A ping role for VRChat get-togethers!

The rules for pinging are simple! Pings are only allowed for SCG servers specifically, and they are not to be spammed.