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Help:Admin Commands (TF2)

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The following is a list of commands that can be used by admins in the Team Fortress 2 servers. They are listed here for open reference.

Note, when using a command, there are three ways to do it. In chat with a ! or / prefix, or in console using sm_

  1. Administration commands
  2. Fun commands
  3. Maintenance commands
  4. Additional command scenarios
    1. MvM
      1. sm_jump_to_wave

Administration commands

CommandDescriptionServer Usage
kick <name> <reason>Kicks a player from the serverAll servers
ban <name> <time in minutes> <reason>Bans a player from the serverAll servers
mute <name> <time in minutes, default 30>Stops a player from speaking over voiceAll servers
gag <name> <time in minutes, default 30>Stops a player from typing in text chatAll servers
silence <name> <time in minutes, default 30>Both mutes and gags a playerAll servers
happy <name>Toggles happy, a silly text chat filterAll servers

Fun commands

CommandDescriptionServer Usage
yiffIt yiffsAll servers

Maintenance commands

CommandDescriptionServer Usage

Additional command scenarios


sm_jump_to_wave <wave number>

As of March 1st, 2022, the MvM servers now have a command sm_jump_to_wave. This is meant to replace the usual tf_mvm_jump_to_wave x y command. It is not a cheat command so it does not need cheats to temporarily be enabled, and will update money stats and set player bonuses correctly. If a jumped round ends in failure, you do not need to reset money each time, it just works.