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No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell (abbreviated at NMRIH) is a 2011 cooperative zombie survival game on the Source Engine.

  1. Game Modes
    1. Objective
    2. Survival
  2. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Inventory management
      1. Weapons + Items
      2. Ammo
    3. Items
  3. Server
  4. Installation
  5. Sequel

Game Modes


Objective maps involve completing a random set of objectives that follow a general linear pathway through a map. Items are scarcely distributed along the pathways, and occasionally respawn points can be found.


Survival maps


Ultimately, the gameplay in this game is compariable to games such as Left 4 Dead. The pacing is a lot slower, rather than move around a series of maps, a campaign is usually contained within a single map with a randomized series of goals. Zombies are slow, but are almost constantly spawning and can overwhelm an area quickly. Resources, like ammunition, is scarce; players are often reliant on melee weapons which must be used carefully at the cost of stamina.

Players can bleed and or get infected. Bleeding is a gradual health drain until they use a bandage. Infection will appear to a player as veins appearing on their screen, followed by steadily darkening vision until their screen is pitch black, then they will pass. Their corpse will return as a running zombie. A player can delay the effects of the infection using pills, and completely clear it / immunize themselves against it using the Gene Therapy item. Players also have the option of taking their own life with a firearm to prevent themselves from becoming a zombie.


C - Compass / Objective menu
L - Suicide: Points your weapon towards yourself to commit suicide. Works with gun only, meant to protect your teammates from your eventual zombification.

Inventory management

Weapons + Items

Weapon and Items can be dropped by pressing G when they're in your hands, or by holding down the inventory wheel (1) and pressing G when highlighting an item.


Ammo can be dropped by opening the ammo wheel (hold 2), highlighting ammo with your mouse, and letting go of 2.


Bandages - Bandages can only be used on a player who is bleeding. They will stop the bleeding, and provide a small health benefit.

First-Aid Kits - Will heal a player for 30 (60 on the SCG server) points of health.

Gene Therapy - This item, when injected, will cure the user of their infection (if present) and make them immune to all infection until the end of the round or until they die.



No More Room in Hell can be downloaded from steam here.


On October 31st, 2022, the sequel will be released in early access on Steam and Epic.