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Plugins (TF2)

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This page is a list of plugins in use on our Team Fortress 2 servers, for a brief explanation about see Plugins

This page is a list of plugins used on the Team Fortress 2 servers, along with commands, credits, and other such details.

  1. Currently in use
    1. Fun
      1. Sentry Fun
    2. Utility
      1. Unrestricted Fov
  2. Formerly in use
  3. Trivia

Currently in use


Sentry Fun

Sentry Fun is a plugin created by BrutalGoerge on AlliedModders. It cause any remaining sentries at the end of a round to switch teams and attack living players of the winning team. The owner of the sentry is usually changed to the top-scoring player of the losing team.

It can be found on Chocolate and Rainbow and does not have any additional commands.


Unrestricted Fov

This plugin, created by Dr. McKay on AlliedModders allows players to set their fov (Field of view) higher than the normal in-game cap of 90 degrees. It can be found on all servers, and has a cap of 130°.

!fov [60 - 130]Sets your FOV. Use !fov with no number to reset the value entirely.

Formerly in use


  • The first ever plugin added to any server, outside of what came with the original SourceMod installation, was the Sentry Fun plugin.