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Prophunt (TF2)

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Prophunt is a Game Modes based around the idea of hide and seek. It was first created in 2009[Citation Needed] by Darkimmortal. It has since been recreated for assorted games such as Garry's Mod, Minecraft, and was even made its own game of the same name. SCG uses a slightly modifed version of the 2013 PropHunt Redux version.

  1. Gameplay
    1. Hiders
    2. Seekers
  2. Credits




The seeker team discovers props by attacking them randomly. Each attack comes with a health cost to the seeker, to prevent something like a pyro constantly burning everything in hopes of finding someone. Ammo is also typically limited, making Engineer players extra valuable. Pyros are given the ability to fly by using their flamethrowers while in the air.


DarkImmortal - The original creator of the PropHunt mod.

These are listed for the PropHunt Redux mod
Bluepanther - Providing the Original Inspiration to code this.
Geit - Official PropHunt Goat, Technical support during semi-private beta, PR, Mapping guru
LordVader! - The First Non-GM provider of PropHunt.
Jocker - Italian Translation
Asherkin - Maker of both TF2Items and SteamTools