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Species: Leukos Arsenikon Crux (Primarily)
Sable Mask Ferret (Occasionally)
Eastern Timber Wolf (Formerly)
Birthday: June 12th, 1992

Rowedahelicon (Aka Rowdy/Rowdy the Crux), born June 12th, 1992; is a Crux, illustrator, programmer, and community organizer. He is best known as the founder and leader of the furry gaming community, SouthernCross Gaming. He is a resident of New England.

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Rowdy is a Luekos Arsenikon Crux, meaning his fur pattern is white with black markings and has a symbol on his chest looking like a series of chains.


Rowdy is socialable but quiet, he maintains a nocturnal lifestyle and likes to spend his time working on all sorts of projects. He enjoys the company of friends and is passionate about the concept of community. He enjoys racing and puzzle games, films, working on projects, and illustrating.


Rowdy offically founded SCG on November 26th, 2010, but prior to that, he administrated the server under the Babyfur Gamers group on steam, with guidance from his friend Ty the Fox. After starting SCG, he took on a primary administration role in addition to a technical role. From there, Rowdy grew SCG into a small niche humble community tucked away on the internet, focusing mainly on servers for the game Team Fortress 2.

Notable Quotes

Kids need to suffer more. - 10/15/2022