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Team Fortress 2

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Team Fortress 2 is a 2007 multiplayer first-person shooter created by Valve Software

  1. Admins
  2. Servers
    1. Chocolate
    2. Rainbow Swirl
    3. Strawberry
    4. Front Line Fudge
    5. Vanilla
    6. Secret Breakfast
    7. Cornbread
  3. Trivia


The Team Fortress 2 servers are currently moderated by the following SCG members:

Hoosk, Signum, Jon the Friendly Fox, Rowedahelicon, Fraeven, Metka Fennec, Cnoisy, and Vapor.



Main Article: Chocolate

Chocolate [] is SCG's "default" TF2 server. Featuring stock gamemodes with a mix of stock and custom maps.

Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl [] is a multimod server, featuring stock modes with additional modes like PropHunt, Dodgeball, Randomizer, and so on.


Strawberry is a 24/7 Versus Saxton Hale server.

Front Line Fudge

Front Line Fudge is a 24/7 MvM server.


Vanilla is a testing server, for testing mods, maps, and training modes.

Secret Breakfast

Secret Breakfast is a 24/7 MvM server, similar to Front Line Fudge, but is meant for smaller missions with strict player caps.


Cornbread is a 24/7 Engie Fortress server.


  • Team Fortress 2 was the first game SCG ever hosted servers for, even dating back to prescg