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The Court of Unpopular Opinions

The Court of Unpopular Opinions rules on tired conversations whose outcomes in the community have long since been decided. Individual rulings can be found below. The court was founded in December 2022 after a humorous suggestion by Green_Dragon_iris.

Note. It should be known that this article is by no means a condemnation of the individuals referenced. It is merely an entertaining way to track some conversations that the SCG regulars are tired of hearing repeated.

  1. 2022
    1. Green v Taco Bell
    2. Southern Cross Gaming v Weapon Balance
    3. Zen v Energy Drinks
    4. Rowedahelicon v Water
    5. Fraeven v Lettuce


Green v Taco Bell

Issue: Is Taco Bell a restaurant worthy of your patronage?
Result: The Court held that while Taco Bell can not pass under all scrutinies required to be defined as "food", that does not invalidate its status as a worthwhile establishment.

Southern Cross Gaming v Weapon Balance

Issue: Will Valve ever address weapon imbalances?
Result: No.

Zen v Energy Drinks

Issue: Are energy drinks safe?
Result: The Court found that energy drinks, like all things, should be consumed in moderation. Specifically if given the choice between chugging several in a few minutes vs sipping on one at a normal pace, the later should be selected for health reasons.

Rowedahelicon v Water

Issue: Is water good?
Result: Yes, drink it.
Note: as this is an important message it will be repeated till it is followed.

So at this rate, forever.

Fraeven v Lettuce

Issue: Does lettuce has value as a food?
Result: There are some very specific cases where it can provide a textural element specifically when crisp.