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Discussion started on Sunday, September 17th, 2017 @ 02:51 AM EDT by...

iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"


You awaken in a strange forest...a small cabin in the distance...

General information

Cookies and Cream server!
Vanilla Minecraft, Spigot mods, version 1.14.2

Server IP:
Dynmap URL:

Plugin information

For protecting your homes, see this : Thread link
For managing the economy, see this : Thread link
Sign mods : Thread link

Helpful information

For an elaborate understanding of what Minecraft is and what you can on it, as well as a complete recipe list for crafting, check out the official Minecraft wiki!

REPORT BUGS BELOW! The server is now on version 1.14.2 and with it come barely updated plugins and a lot of potential bugs! We're looking for things like potential lag sources, fatal errors, etc.

You can track what bugs are reported and such on our trello here:

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