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Jun 12th
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Discussion: Big changes to the website! posted in Events and notices

Good morning~! The time has come, we have a couple big things in store for everyone! We've been working on a big update to the community website for a while and it is finally finished. This is an extension of the one we published early last year, Rowdy has been working on more here and there since.

We're all very excited for this, as we feel as though this helps bring new potential into SCG. There's so much I want to share, but I'll do it in pieces, today I'll start with two big things.

First, we now have a Wiki!

But not just any Wiki, not even MediaWiki, this one is ours. Rowdy made it himself from scratch, fully integrated into the SCG website. And it has all of the proper features, custom syntax support, editing tools, categorization, special robot pages, search tools, etc. It's not a work in progress, it's done, and it works.

However, what it lacks is content mostly, I've written over 100 articles (well, most of them are unfinished and some are just category pages). but that's where the next part comes in...

But first, so what is the Wiki for? Wikis are just generally useful overall, I plan to make it a super centralized database of all of whatever important information we have. Server commands, plugin info, community tools, etc. I also want to assemble a list of credits for...everything possible. I' about that one soon. But also like, SCG history, that'll be there too!

Okay so what about the help we need...?

We now also have a custom polling / feedback system!

No more using Google forms, we have one of our own now. It works the same exact way, I can build all sorts of neato forms and questionnaires. Do you know that feedback poll we kept talking about? You can actually go and vote for tomorrow! I know we said today, but we just want oneeee day to let this information flow around first!

To help keep the voting process good and stuff, this particular poll will require that you've played on SCG before, all you gotta do is login and it'll work. And if it doesn't...? Uh...maybe come talk to us! ^//^;; But like, that's one of the options we can do now with our own polling tool! Also, anything you submit, will be anonymous, like, nothing is associated with anything. We use hashes to make sure people don't double dip, but otherwise it's all anonymous! like...

You know what doesn't require any sort of special access? An open questionnaire asking if you'd like to be apart of the Wiki team! I'm assembling a team...on Discord~! A collaborative team to work together to help fill out the Wiki with the stuff we need! If you're interested in helping out, toss us your Discord ID here:

These are some big things, Rowdy worked really hard! But there's still more to come! But I'll stop bugging you for now, before I go, Rowdy told me to include this, just a super condensed list of what all was done the last few months. X3

The following was added / changed:

  1. I now have a panel for adding in content, such as maps, and MvM missions to a database and associate those items with credits.
  2. The events page was redesigned, and a couple of small issues were fixed.
  3. Events now have total support in Discord, images and all.
  4. Our news system has been totally redesigned, and all issues involving Poe not sending out messages properly have been sorted.
  5. Donators can now select one of several goomba stomp sounds that play when they stomp on someone from the TF2 settings page
  6. The login system was redone, allowing for easier adding of additional account types (like Discord, coming soon)
  7. The Wiki was added
  8. The Poll page was added

The following was fixed / adjusted:

  1. More pages have proper titles and breadcrumb link fixes
  2. The settings page for Tf2 / Donator settings had some improvements
  3. Numerous data files that weren't needed were cleaned up
  4. The search button was removed and replaced with a smaller one, a better search is coming soon too
  5. Numerous bug fixes, page adjustments, and code cleanup with I totally forgot about

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