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Note: Camp SCG refers to the map used during SCG VR Nights. This page contains Info both on game nights and information of the map.

Map Spawn Area. "The path ahead is made brighter by the memories we share."

Camp SCG is the official hangout spot of SCG inside of VRChat designed by Credit:Booka445. The map features a forest with a cozy gathering spot as well as the famous SCG Observatory. The map was designed to be cross compatible with both Desktop and Quest users as to leave no player behind.

  1. History
    1. Halloween Event
    2. Christmas Event
    3. Camp SCG Introduction
    4. VR Nights on hold
  2. Locations
    1. Entrance
    2. Campsite
    3. Observatory
  3. Map Info
    1. Info
      1. Map Info Description
      2. Dates
      3. Capacity
      4. Platforms
  4. Issues


Halloween Event

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Christmas Event

On December 19th 2021 SCG hosted a large gathering for the Christmas holiday season. The event had a large turnout with SCG regulars, first time VRChat players, and more friends. The event started with a Christmas themed world for everyone to explore, play games and hangout. From there the group moved to an Undertale Snowden themed map. The group took turns taking the stage discussing the impact SCG has had on their lives. The event was orchestrated by Proteus, Rowdy and Fraeven.
(Following this was there another large group SCG night before Camp SCG was introduced and events made regular?)
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Camp SCG Introduction

In February of 2022 the group held its first hangout night at Camp SCG. Proteus started the night by giving the group a tour of the map locations. The night continued with the group hanging out, doodling, watching videos and playing games across worlds. From here the group began holding VR nights bi-weekly with a sizeable turnout before attendance started to slip. VR Nights were then put on hold.

VR Nights on hold

Following a small drought of VR nights, on July 27th SCG Announced the suspension of VRChat nights. This was due to the implementation of Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) in the July 25th update to VRChat and handling of community criticism by the VRChat team. The announcement further mentioned a replacement will be considered. VR Nights have since sprung up again with talks of other platforms from time to time.



Spawning into the world shows a branching path. In-front of the player is the board displaying the maps info.


Straight ahead is the campground which acts as the main gathering spot for players to hangout. This area features a large mirror, pens for doodling, seats around a camp fire, and a video player. Its not uncommon for this area to be filled with many doodles and funny jokes written in the air around the large tree by the pen board. By default the video player will not play anything until interacted with. Its default video however is a Lo-Fi mix music playlist. The large mirror also defaults to off and allows players to toggle between a High Quality and Low Quality (Avatar only) mirror. Most likely players will be standing in front of the mirror playing with avatars or sitting around the campfire chatting and sharing stories.


To the right of player is the Observatory nestled at the foot of a hill, obscured by tree cover.

Map Info Info

Map Info Description

"Founded originally as a furry group for playing TF2‚ it has slowly grown into a cozy little community tucked away on the internet․ Kept alive by a vast and loving community‚ led by a group of dedicated furballs․"


Created: February 2nd, 2022
Labs'd: February 2nd, 2022
Published: February 5th, 2022
Last Updated: February 6th, 2022


40 Players


Quest (android)
Desktop (standalonewindows)


This map is known to cause intermittent crashing for Linux VRchat players.
Previously Linux players would experience a crash on joining due to the Video Player, This has been remedied.

Despite a doorway to the Observatory there is no way to enter it without utilizing mods to give flight or noclip.