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Discord Art Gallery

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The Discord Art Gallery refers to the #sfw-artwork and #nsfw-artwork channels on the SCG Discord. Additionally, it also refers to the tool used to share art to these channels. The tool was inspired by comments made from Thunder Rahja and Jon the Friendly Fox, and employs the use of Artemus to help spoil and tag posted artwork.

  1. Rules and policies
  2. How to share / tag artwork
    1. NSFW Artwork
    2. SFW Artwork
  3. How to delete artwork
  4. History
    1. 4/12/2022
    2. 4/18/2022
    3. 4/22/2022
    4. 4/25/2022
    5. 4/30/2022
    6. 5/3/2023
  5. Trivia

Rules and policies

  1. All art shared to these channels must be created by the poster, or made for them, such as a commission. This is to help celebrate the artistic merits of the community directly and not encourage folks to join only to use our community as a place of advertisement. There are a ton of artist-focused discords to help out with such things!
  2. Artwork that is considered NSFW must be posted in the NSFW channel. Everything posted is automatically spoilered equally to be fair, and to avoid the confusion over what is and is not a fetish.
  3. It is suggested that artwork be properly tagged with the content warning / commenting tool for everyone's benefit. Ditto.
  4. Use common sense when it comes to sharing stuff! That means don't post anything illegal, don't post anything with minors, and don't post anything involving IRL bits.
  5. Likewise, don't mind the kinky art, if it's not your thing, just look away. Anything is fine as long as it is properly tagged and isn't illegal or hurting anyone.

How to share / tag artwork

NSFW Artwork

  1. When uploading an image, posting a link to an image, or posting a link to a site like Twitter, the image will be automatically spoilered.
  2. You can then right click on it, select Apps and NSFW Art
  3. Alternatively, you can also click the Manage button that appears underneath a new post
  4. You will then be presented with a text prompt, simply fill in the information and enter.
  5. In this prompt, you can also specify if you want to enable comments, if you write "yes", a thread will be made with your piece.

As of 4/30/2022, a button that says "Manage" now will be found a post, this can only be used by the uploader, and allows for mobile editing of tags and so on.

SFW Artwork

At this time, there are no changes to how SFW art is posted.

How to delete artwork

Simply right click your image post, go to Apps and select Delete Art Post. Alternatively, react to the post with a ❌ (:x:).



  • The idea for using Artemus to help encourage spoiling and tagging of images was suggested by Thunder Rahja, and the idea of the channels being used as art galleries was inspired by comments from Jon the Friendly Fox.


  • The tagging / commenting tool was first officially introduced to the SCG discord.


  • The feature was updated to allow for direct linking of images, as well as tweets.
  • An option to delete a post was added via the Delete Art Post command.
  • Image posts are now reposted by Arty directly and the post itself now contains the tags and other information, allowing for a cleaner looking post.


  • When a tweet is posted, the tweet's URL and tweet text will display on the post as well. This text will not be overwritten if tags and additional details are added to the post later on.


  • When a tweet is posted, any included hashtags will show up as the default list of tags
  • A "Manage" button now accompanies a new post, allowing for mobile editing


  • Tags have been changed to content warnings


  • Handling of art is a job left up to Artemus because Poe is too innocent to look at NSFW stuff all day.