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This article is about the version of Dodgeball used specifically by SCG; to learn about more about the mode itself, refer to the Team Fortress 2 Wiki article on it.

"It's coming in hot~" - Rowdy

Dodgeball is a TF2 Gamemode that involves two teams of players hurling rockets back and forth towards each other with the use of the airblast feature on flamethrowers. There are a number of rockets, each with their own speed definitions, models, effects, and so on. You may play as any class as your weapons will be forcibly switched to a flamethrower.

SCG uses a modified version of the Dodgeball Redux plugin, originally created by ClassicGuzzi.

  1. Gameplay
    1. Super-shot
  2. Rockets
    1. Red Rocket
    2. Nuke
    3. Bee Bomb
    4. Sinistar
  3. Credits
  4. Trivia
  5. References



Super-shots occur when your aiming reticle is directly on another player as you reflect a rocket. A super-shot rocket travels much faster towards its target and does more damage upon impact.


Red Rocket

The Red Rocket is the most common rocket, it simply picks a target and attempts to collide with them until reflected. Most hits by a red rocket are fatal, but they are easy to reflect.


The nuke is a large, powerful, slow moving rocket that targets a single player. However, when it explodes, it unleashes an AOE kill blast, and will send those close by up into the air. The nuke is best handled as a team effort, however it puts the team in great danger by doing so.

Bee Bomb

Stupid Bee Model
The Bee Bomb (shown as BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES in the kill feed) is a custom swarm type rocket. The concept for a swarming rocket was designed by Fraeven, who also developed the code for it.

The bees begin by spawning only a single one and immediately playing their themesong, Totem Houkm by Spiralmouth. Each time a bee is reflected, they double, eventually forming a swarm of up to X bees. These bees will then chaotically act as X independent rockets that, through the use of player detection, will act as a swarm of mini-rockets that fly around until either every player dies or all bee rockets explode.

When bees are active, no other rockets will spawn, but existing rockets such as a Nuke or a Sinistar are unaffected.



ClassicGuzzi - Mod author
Rowedahelicon - Assorted fixes
Fraeven - Assorted fixes + Rocket designs
[B]homas - Stupid Bee Model[1]

Both asherkin and Damizean for their original plugins.
Also thanks to Powerlod, Chdata, and everyone who helped/gave me feedback![2]


  • Sinistar was created using a concept for a bouncy ball rocket and messing around with the gravity settings
  • When Bee Bomb is active the song Bee Chase from Crash Twinsanity plays. The song itself is a cover of Flight of the Bumblebee