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Donator Perks

The Donator Perks are a set of cosmetic things exclusively given out to members and players who donate to SCG. They are mostly in the form of Team Fortress 2 server perks, and are entirely non-gamebreaking cosmetic value. They should not be confused with the Store which can be used by anyone.

  1. Donating
  2. Discord perks
  3. Team Fortress 2 perks
    1. Ghost colors
    2. Goomba stomp sound effects
    3. Join messages
    4. Kill effects
    5. Sprites
    6. Rainbow text
  4. Trivia
  5. References


Discord perks

Donators are given the Donator role in the SCG Discord, which grants them access to the donators channel. In there, Rowdy will discuss upcoming features, share screenshots of things in progress, and ramble about whatever weird stuff he's working on.

Team Fortress 2 perks

Perks in Team Fortress 2 can be adjusted with the donators menu, using the command, !donators. They can also be changed from the SCG via the TF2 settings page.

The Donator Recognition plugin was created by toazron1.[1]. It has since been modified by Fraeven and Rowedahelicon.

Ghost colors

In modes such as Randomizer and Dodgeball, all players have the option of turning into ghosts. However, using the !donator menu, players can select from a list of colors their ghost can render as, rather than only the default purple or team color.

Goomba stomp sound effects

Donators can change the sound that plays when they Goomba stomp someone. It can be set on the **!donator **menu or on the SCG site.

  1. Coin (Default)
  2. Reverb Fart
  3. Splat!
  4. HL Gib

Join messages

Donators have two types of join messages they can set. A text chat option and a center message option. They can both be used at once. The text chat will display in text when they connect to the server, as will the center message in the center of the screen. The center message can also be set to a particular color from a list of choices. All of these options can be set from the !donator menu or on the SCG site.

Kill effects

Donators can set effects that display on other players they kill. It can be set on the !donator menu, on the SCG site, or using the following command

CommandWhat it does
!gold gold [0,1,2,3]Adjusts kill effect
killeff [0,1,2,3]Adjusts kill effect

0. No effect

  1. Turn to gold
  2. Turn to ash
  3. Fizzle


Donators can select from a list of sprites to display above their head at the end of rounds. It can be set on the !donator menu or on the SCG site.

Dollar SignA green dollar signJindo
Dollar Sign with CloudA green dollar sign with a white cloud behind itJindo
Rainbow Dash Cutie MarkA rainbow lightning bolt coming out of a cloudHasbro
Ice CreamA bowl of ice creamRowedahelicon
PacifierA pink pacifierRowedahelicon
SCG LogoThe original SCG logo with no background colorRowedahelicon
HeartA big reddish/pink pixelated heartFeilen / Jon the Friendly Fox
RainbowA rainbowFeilen / Jon the Friendly Fox

Rainbow text

Using the rainbowize command, you can have a colorful chat! Though, it is only best for short sentences due to character limitations affected by having multiple colors.

CommandWhat it does
!rainbowizeToggles rainbow text


  1. The plugin for donator sprites had a bug in its code that caused the infamous "Payload bug"
  2. The pacifier option was added during the BFG era, before SCG.[2]
  3. The Rainbow Dash cutie mark was added around the start of the MLP hype, as part of an April-Fool's joke, unrelated to the eventual explosion of popularity.
  4. The center text donator option had a bug for a long time where quotes were double-encoded, which would cause a spam of forward slashses whenever someone's message contained a quote.