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Meta:Markdown Guide

The SCG Wiki uses the same modified markdown parser as the Jewelbox, with the addition of some custom format options that are exclusive to the Wiki. A comprehensive cheatsheet for markdown usage may be found here. Additionally, the wiki supports markdown extra.

  1. Additional Wiki Formatting
  2. Additional Markdown Options
    1. Header
    2. References
    3. Table of Contents
    4. Categories

Additional Wiki Formatting

DescriptionYou typeYou see
Internal Link[[Help]]Help
Internal Link[[help|Help Page]]Help Page
Wikipedia Link[[w:Crux]]Crux
Wikipedia Link[[w:Crux|TheCrux]]The Crux
TF2 Wiki Link[[tf2|Pyro]]Pyro
Tf2 Wiki Link[[tf2:Pyro|The Pyro]]The Pyro
Citation Needed{{Citation needed}}[Citation Needed]
Redirect#{The SCG Observatoria} The SCG Observatoria
Image Float[[Image:Logo.png:100px|right]]Logo.png
Image with caption[[Caption:Logo.png|100px|Caption Text]]
Caption Text
Colored text{c:yellow}Yellow text{/c}Yellow text.
Colored text{c:#00cc00}Olive text{/c}Olive text.

Additional Markdown Options


To create headers, use a # symbol, followed by the header text on a single line. Supports # to ######


To add a reference to a block of text, the syntax for such is [[ref:url description text]]. References will automatically appear on the bottom in the order that they've been referenced.

Table of Contents

To add a table of content to an article, like the one above, simply add a [toc] after the first paragraph of an article. It will generate a ToC based on the headers in a given article.


To add in a category list to a category page, simply use [[[Category:Name]]]